Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Phases In Life

Oh, readers.

After much discussion and thinking and pondering and pontification and postulating with my husband, we have decided that I am going to quit working full time outside the home.

Tomorrow (May 1) is my last day with the company I currently work for. Monday begins my New Adventure in Writing. Well, not entirely new. More like New Adventure In Editing Things I Have Already Written.

I feel some anxiety, I won't lie. I've been breathing deeply for most of this after noon to ward off the anxiety. Mainly because it's a huge step in a new direction. 

On the upside, however! I will FINALLY have time to finish writing my patterns! I have so many half written notes and partially begun projects that it will be nice to finally have time to give them proper attention!

I have been promising you all patterns for three or four months now. I am terrible, I apologize.

I am also looking for ways and ideas to expand my blog and give it a little more exposure, so I will be working on that as well.

The Big Plan is to edit the novels I've been writing over the last 8 or 9 Novembers during NaNoWriMo. I have so many rough drafts but nothing I could proudly hand over to an agent and say "Yes, Publish ALL the books!"

Since tomorrow is my last day I decided to have a Spectacularly Amazing Going Away Party at the Buffalo Wild Wings with a bunch of coworkers. Here's to new phases, new steps, new directions, and getting rid of the New Phase Of Life Jitters.

Have a Crafty, Shiny Day!