Tuesday, March 15, 2016

General Update: Writing and Crafty Goodness


Hello all!  It's been a few months since I posted here. I was updating my blog-only story on four women who's paths cross at various points on their journeys across the USA. I haven't updated that in a while. Partly that is due to getting a freelance writing gig that pays, and therefore must have dibs on my attention. I haven't written anything for myself recently unfortunately, though I have been swapping chapters of my "Box of Buried Secrets" novel with someone for copy editing.   I hope to get back to writing for myself, or at least carve out time here and there to do so.

My freelance writing gig has been novellas; romance genre of about 25k words each. Recently they asked for a 50k novel, so I'm working on that now. Not sure when or if they will end up publishing them; and when they do, my name won't be on them as they are ghost-written. But it can go on my writing portfolio for when I try to get my own work published, so it's a plus.

Crafty Goodness

In craftiness I've been going to back to a lot of crochet. I'm working on the Storm Weather Vest which was published in the August 2014 issue of Crochet World Magazine. It's on my ravelry page of course. I'm using a lovely Red Heart Soft yarn which is not at all like their "Super Saver" acrylic, and for that I am thankful. 

It is a drape front vest, which is basically a long rectangle with two arm holes in it. I may develop a pattern for one of my own at some point, though I haven't focused on writing a pattern in some time. There is a new yarn shop (new as of Oct 2015) near me and I am developing a beginning crochet and beginning Tunisian class for her. I am hoping to teach those in May or June. I am thinking that I'll come up with a couple of classes for crochet and a couple for Tunisian and then alternate them from month to month.  That way students are encouraged to come back and learn something new.

I'm still working on my coat, and am nearly done with the first sleeve. Then I'll just have to work my way through the second sleeve and make the ties and belt loops.  Either that or I may finagle a method of buttoning it instead. Depends on how much yarn I have left over and how difficult it looks like it will be. 

I have another cardigan that I am planning to make for this upcoming winter as well. This time, however, I am not going to try to be clever and use multiple colorways. I chose a purple/burgundy yarn with texture and slight heathering to it, so that it doesn't look like a solid color, but really is. That pattern is called Bulky Neck Down Caridgan for Women

I will do my very best to get another chapter of the story posted soon, although to be honest, I have no way to know who is reading it, if anybody, and what they think of it. Perhaps I should look into moving to a more interactive blogging site?  I don't know.  I don't want to keep posting it if nobody is reading it basically. I'll have to do some thinking on how to make this more interactive.

Stay shiny!