Sunday, October 18, 2015


Hello, everyone!

This month I have been on a bent to get all of my unfinished projects finished. I have a bad habit of getting most of the way done with a thing and then picking something else up. I often then forget to go back to the previous projects and they pile up eventually.

I've manged to finish the Tunisian beaded scarf (class was originally taken 6 or so months ago)
I've manged to finish the crocheted serene shell tank (class was originally taken this summer)
I finished the Doris Chan tank top, which only took me a month. I finished two pairs of socks, which is a huge thing for me since I've previously been intimidated by knitting socks.

The only project I have not finished is That Damn Coat, which I started in August of 2014. The sleeves are fiddly. I am using three yarns, alternating every two rows. So I knit 2 rounds, untwist the sleeve (which entails physically picking the whole coat up and turning it). Knit 2 rounds, untwist the sleeve, untwist the yarns (which have inevitably tangled around one another).  Repeat in this fashion until your hair is pulled out.

So yeah. I am going to finish T.D.C. though, for THIS winter...or I'm going to burn it in the Spring. Either way...something will be done!

In other news I've started writing a blog-only story. Originally I wanted to post one chapter each week, but I realized soon that this is impractical as I am also editing my novel so that I can start shopping it around to agents. I have devoted a good chunk of my time to the time capsule story, of which I shared the first two chapters here and here.

I'm currently working on the last three chapters of that, and tying up some loose ends. Continuity Achievement Unlocked!

I've put aside writing crochet and knit patterns for the time being, but hope to get back to it eventually. I have a lot of fun ideas, but projects take a LONG time to finish, so writing a pattern is a slow, slow process for me.  In slightly related news, I may have a skirt pattern worked out, and if it does end up being viable I'll share that here.

Hope you are all having an excellent Fall so far. I've been enjoying coffee, pumpkin everything, and cooler weather for a change.

Curl up with a good book and stay shiny!

Until November...NaNoWriMo 2015 is coming!


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