Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Short Update!

Hi everyone. I've been busy busy lately!  Just bought a house which we get the keys for in April. I've also been gearing up to sort through my yarn so I can organize it a little bit better. I have four bins of yarn, but it's all mixed together so I don't really know what I have anymore.

I'm going to put all of my partial skeins in one bin and mark them all so I know what they are and about how much I have. This way if I want to do a scrap or small project I can just grab from that bin.  Everything else will be sorted according to fiber type: Wool, Cottons, Blends, Novelty yarns.

Lately I've been getting into Tunisian crochet more also. I want to purchase some double ended hooks so I can do Tunisian in the round. I think it would be amazing to be able to do some handbags in the round.

And last but not least!  I'm working on a new pattern. This one is going to be more intermediate, and will involve Tunisian crochet. I'm working on it as I go, so it will be a week or two before I have it ready to post. It's going to be fun and fantastic though!

I've also been working on Broomstick Lace, and will share some pictures of that when I get a chance to finish blocking the finished item. It's fun to make, and I'm looking forward to doing another project soon.

So much to do!

Have a great week!

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