Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My First (Volunteer) Crafty Teaching, Guild, NaNo

My cousin decided that she wants to learn how to crochet. Her schedule and current situation (living 45 min from town), prohibit her from being able to pay to go to a class at a specific time of day each week. 
Soooo, guess who volunteered to teach her. This girl.

For starters I have been wanting to teach crochet and other crafty good times, but have been shy about it. I have been training people at work however, since March of this year so I have gotten over much of the shyness.

Secondly, I need the experience before I go advertising myself all over hell and asking for students.
Thirdly, I like a good challenge:
Since she is 45 min away and has a crazy work schedule, I may have to learn how to use some video editing software and make some youtube tutorials.

I have been wanting to do some other artsy stuff on youtube anyway, so this might be a good intro to that.

- - -

My guild had officer elections on November 13. I went from being Secretary to being Vice President. Woot. I and one of the co-Presidents have been splitting some of the VP jobs because we didn't have a VP for a year or so. So basically I'm dropping the Secretary duties and keeping the VP stuff so it shouldn't be very overwhelming.

- - -

NaNo is going okay. I'm a few thousand words behind, but shouldn't have too much trouble catching up if I focus a bit harder. Which is easier said than done lol. Considering how busy I have made myself this month. 

I started a huge knitting project (A coat!) and that on top of overtime at work (8hrs a week plus Saturdays) and NaNo (1667 words a day plus Saturdays ;-) ) and I'm pretty damn busy.

On the up side I am learning to manage my time better.

Have a great night, everyone!

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