Monday, July 13, 2015

Adventures in ASMR

"What is ASMR?" you ask.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It's a fairly new term used for an ancient concept.  You know how when someone whispers in your ear, you get that tingly sensation in your brain and up your spine? That is ASMR

There are a plethora of wonderful ASMR folks who make delightful videos including role playing, guided meditations, and various sounds, textures, and other tingly triggers. It can be used as relaxation or as a sleep aid by those of us who can't get our shut-eye.

I have been working on an idea for my first ASMR video, and I'm realizing just how many components go into it. I'm using Windows Moviemaker at the moment, for lack of any knowledge of better products. Additionally, I'm pretty much flying by the seat of my pants and learning how to use the software through trial and error. So it's basically been an adventure.

I think I will have to do some research on various movie making software and see about some tutorials on how to accomplish what I am trying to accomplish.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be able to post it to You Tube as a finished product. I have several ideas for other videos I want to make in the future, so fingers crossed.

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