Friday, June 12, 2015

Tales From The West Side

Good morning, Readers!

The current time is 8:35AM California Time.  This is my first trip to the Pacific Time Zone, and I am loving it!

Day 1 (Wednesday) was a little sketchy at first due to having to be up at 4:30AM (Central Time) to get to the airport.  Then of course, once we were in LA, we had to find our way out of the terminal, wait 20 minutes for the shuttle to take us to the car rental place, and then wait another 30 minutes to get through the line there.

We hadn't planned for all that extra waiting around time and as a result we were all hungry and a little cranky.

Spirits were lifted once we got out of the parking lot that is LA freeways and stopped off at a Jack-In-The-Box, which we don't have in Iowa. We made a pact not to eat at any restaurant we have at home.

I give it a 3.5/5 for taste and quality. It's fast food so...yeah.

We also hit up Stearn's Wharf which I recommend for the atmosphere and food. Longboard Bar & Grille is pretty amazing and they have good margaritas to boot!
Amazing chocolate truffles can be had at the Chocolate shop across the pier from the restaurant as well.

We took a walk on Ledbetter Beach before we headed back to our hotel. It was so amazing, seeing the Blue Expanse again after so many years. It made me feel how tiny we are by comparison.

After a day of traveling, walking, and wandering, my traveling companions and I took full advantage of the heated pool and jacuzzi before calling it a night.

We are about to check out of our Santa Barbara hotel and do some more running around before heading to Thousand Oaks.

Have a shiny day!

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