Thursday, December 6, 2012

WingSpan - We Are 3 of 8

I have been working on the Wingspan pattern off and on for a couple of weeks. I recently re-learned basic knitting and discovered that although this pattern looks complicated, it is really very, very easy. It's my first knitting project, aside from sampler squares to practice stitches. So it's my first real project I should say.

The pattern can be found here (You will need to sign up for a free Ravelry account to access the patterns I share from that site). It is a knitted pattern. Yarn and Needle info to follow pics. 

At one triangle complete:

Three triangles completed:

Lesson one: COUNT YOUR STITCHES!!! I made this rookie mistake and though the pattern is still coming out beautifully, since I failed to count my stitches every so often, I have to make up for it consistently so the finished project looks right. 

Nordlys by Viking - 75% Superwash / 25% Nylon - Color No. 934

Size 4 interchangeable circulars by KnitPicks.

If you are interested in learning a handy cast on method needed for the 2nd and subsequent triangles, I learned the Cable Cast On and it works like a dream. Here is a youtube video showing how to do this cast on: Cable Cast On.
I do not own this video, I am simply offering it as a tutorial and learning device. 

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