Sunday, November 25, 2012

221b Swap Wishlist

I've applied to join a swap on Ravelry, and need to post a wishlist for items whose sites don't offer the wishlist option. Woot. So I will just update this post as necessary.  Everyone else can ignore this post and move on to the next :)

I found Alcidina's shop on Etsy and I LOVE her yarns! She has a whole celestial theme going with her hand painted yarns that is just beautiful.

Moon Shadows, Zero G Supernova, and Omega 7525

Moon Shadows
Zero G Supernova
Omega 7525

Hopefully she'll keep producing these for a while. I hate it when I find a delicious yarn and then find out that the manufacturer discontinued it :(  It makes it hard to be loyal to a brand sometimes.

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