Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Origami Lesson

I'm a member of my local Fiber Artists Guild, and for the November meeting I volunteered to lead the crafty portion of the evening. I decided to teach everyone some Origami, since it's kind of a unique art form, and it doesn't require any special apparatus except paper. 

I lead the ladies through three different beginner level projects: windmill, helmet, and cup. 

I thought I would include some pictures of the items I made as examples for the class. 

Origami has been around since at least the 1600s in Japan, and became popular in the West in the mid-1900s.  There are different forms/types of paper folding art. Origami which is what these examples are, Kirigami which involves the use of scissors and cutting, and other types such as money folding.

Traditionally Origami paper is square and can be as small as 1 inch square or as large as you can imagine. Not all paper folding starts with square paper however, but I'm not well versed in creating things with rectangular paper. 

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