Sunday, November 25, 2012

*updated* Hooded Scarf 1 w/ Pics

I made a hooded scarf since Winter is coming. The pattern I used can be found here @ Dream Designs.
(pattern notes and yarns follow pics)

The first attempt came out nice, but I used too much Red Heart acrylic. In this particular case the heavier yarn made the finished project a little too heavy and stiff. It will be nice for really cold weather though.

I decided to make a second one, though out of lighter weight yarns. I'm using Caron Simply Soft Solids and Caron Simply Soft Party, which is a solid yarn with a strand of metallic through it for sparkle effect.

*Edit* 11/27/12
The scarf is done. I spent some time weaving in all of the loose ends and then stitched down about 8" or so to make the hood. I like it a lot, though as previously mentioned it is a bit heavy since it has a lot of Red Heart acrylics in it.

I'm considering selling it to contribute to the fundraiser my friend has started to help him develop a children's show he is working on. $20 + shipping and this baby can be yours :)  I wore it just long enough to model it and it will go through the washer before it's shipped, so it's 100% clean.

Project notes after the pics. 

Lovely, yes?  I love that little elfish point at the top too! But the hood can be flipped inside out to diminish the pointy bit. I'm considering hanging a pompon off the back of the second one I am making. But that is for another post!

Project Notes

Paraphrased from my Ravelry Project Page

Most of the yarns are worsted weight acrylics and it makes for a rather heavy fnished project.
I am planning to make another one, but this time I am going to use lighterweight #4 yarns. And none of the red heart.

The Berroco and Perfection worked really well together, as did the Caron. The homespun is nice as a border for the hood, but I wouldn’t want to do an entire piece with that yarn as the stitch pattern gets lost in the bulk.

The entire project ended up ten inches wide. A little wider and bulkier but not unexpected considering the yarns I used.

I also did a slight modification. I did the ch 195 but after doing 1 entire row it was short about 10” from the size the pattern says it should be, so I ripped back and chained until the starting chain was a little less than 74”. As a results, after doing the first 2 rows of pattern stitch the piece is about 79" long.

Yarns I Used

Berroco Comfort Solids.  Color No. 9758
Caron Simply Soft Paints. Color: Purple/Green Variegated (I lost the label on this one)
Kraemer Perfection.  Color: Valentine
Lion Brand Homespun.  Color: Baroque  (the thicker purple at the front)
Lion Brand Homespun. Color: Waterfall (the pale blue trim on the front)
Red Heart Super Saver Solid. Colors: White, Tea Leaf, & Yellow

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