Monday, May 11, 2015

Chasing Skirts

The skirt pattern I am designing is being fussy. I wanted to try to add some decorative stitching to the waist band portion, but none of the stitching I've tried so far except the "wave" pattern has shown up well, and for that matter, the wave pattern only really shows up on the last row. It may be more appropriate for the edging, since it's a wrap around skirt and the wavy pattern will add some extra style.

I need close stitches for the waist band so that a slip is not necessary when waring the skirt, so perhaps doing showy stitching there is not a good idea anyway.  Maybe I'll look through my "101 Stitches to Crochet" set and see if there are any good stitches that will work for what I'm trying to accomplish.

In other news - I also need to research how to get a pattern published. I rarely if ever see plus-size patterns in the crochet magazines I read. And more often than not, it's a "regular" size pattern with up to 1 or 2 x options, but rarely along the lines of a 3 or 4 x size.

Mary Beth Temple has a book (or several?) on curvy girl crochet, but the only skirt pattern in that book uses sock yarn, which requires almost 3000 yards for my size AND sock yarn takes forever to crochet an entire garment.

In other, other news - I have five chapters of my Box of Buried Secrets book rough-edited. Now just waiting on beta readers to do their bit so I can get some constructive feedback and make some more changes. There are some spots I feel are a bit weak and could use tweaking, but sometimes if I try to hard to fiddle with the wording it just gets worse.

Today I started on Chapter 6 and am hoping to get through 7 and 8 tomorrow at least. Once I'm about half done with the rough edit, I am planning to start looking for an agent. So that means I have to figure out how to write a good blurb and a good query letter. Also, need to find 2014's version of the Writer's Market or whatever it's called.

Off to look up stitches for the skirt and do some research!

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