Monday, May 25, 2015

Finding The Wi-Fi

I went to three places today to find one that was A: open and B: has working Wi-Fi.
I persevered through light traffic and even lighter construction. The struggle was real.

So here I am at Coffeesmiths, sipping a white chocolate mocha and an ice water, typing my little fingers off, trying to make a nice, readable book for you all to read.
The struggle is real.

I downloaded a character sketch file to start using with my main and immediately supporting characters. Sometimes, if I leave a project too long, I have a hard time picking up the thread again with how my characters should be acting and reacting to things. So the character sketches, which I probably should have been using this entire time, will come in handy.

I also broke down and went back to Twitter. Not sure if anything will ever come of it, but there are some neat tweets to follow there. So there's a link for that on my home page as well as right here.
So far I'm following tons of people (including several people from "Firefly"), and have made probably 7 tweets, none of which hold any profound knowledge.

At least, not yet.

I am hoping to start posting some excerpts from one of my writing projects, so that will go there, at least 140 characters of it will! Har har.

 The weather is nice today; sky blue and clouds white and poofy like cotton candy. They are slowly drifting through the atmosphere, all nonchalant like clouds will be. The tree outside the window is very green, making a nice contrast against the blue and white.

Have a safe, shiny holiday folks!

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