Friday, May 29, 2015

Quick and Easy Pizza Bagels

Hello readers!

I wanted to make something fast and delicious so I started grabbing things out of my pantry and fridge! Woot.

With only four ingredients this is an amazingly fast dinner (or light lunch) to put together.

I did not list nutrition information since you may be using different products than those I used.

Serves 2 adults (or 4 kids!)

What you need!

2 Bagels (I used Hy-Vee bakery Plain bagels)
4 TBSP pizza sauce (I used MID'S Family Style Pizza sauce)
20 slices turkey pepperioni (I used Hy-Vee brand)
8 TBSP pizza blend cheese (I used Hy-vee brand pizza mix)

What you do!

1. Split bagels and use your finger or a small spoon to pull some of the bread out of the middle. Toss the "guts".

 2. Toast them using the bagel setting if you have it.

3. In each bagel half layer:
      1 TBSP pizza sauce (spread as evenly as you can)
      5 slices of the pepperoni
      2 TBSP pizza blend cheese

4. Broil for 2-3 minutes or until the cheese is brown and bubbly. OR you can also use your microwave for 20-30 second to melt the cheese.

Just Look at that Cheesy Pizza Goodness!

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