Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Feisty Skirt and Blog Updates

The skirt is coming along. I'm not sure if it's coming along well or not, though.
Originally I had envisioned a wrap around skirt, and the fan portion of the pattern lent itself very well to this idea.

However, now that I've switched to the stitch I'm using on the upper half, the project seems to have naturally decreased itself so it's more trapezoidal shape. I had toyed with the idea of it being a side-seamed skirt and not a wrap around, but I couldn't figure out the equation/math to decide how much and when and where to decrease.  It seems to have done it for me, though!

So, I am not sure what the end product is going to look like entirely. I am crossing my fingers that I won't have to rip this current half out and rethink the waist band portion.

Guess we'll see!

I'm considering adding a page to my blog for my writing excerpts. I haven't decided if they warrant their own page yet, or if I should just add them in with the rest of the entries. Orrrr...if I should make a separate blog for them. Hrmm.

I will be working on editing my tags so they are more consistent on previous and future posts.

Additionally, I messed around with the layout a bit to try and make it a little more fun and inviting. I added a 'popular posts' section, and am going to add a photo section as well so I can rotate some of my pictures out. 

Stay shiny, everyone!

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